Professional Event Photography in Leeds

Are you organising an event and looking to document it? By working with our Leeds event photographer, you will profit from his experience and gain a collection of stunning pictures. Our event photography services in Leeds always meets the highest standards, so let us attend your event!

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For our leading event photographer, photographing at an event is the perfect opportunity to capture beautiful, natural images that tell a story.

Natural photography is what you can expect when you come to work with Skywall Photography. This means that at your event, your guests will feel comfortable and be left uninterrupted by the photographer.

Event photographer for any occasion.

Celebratory or a networking event, it’s a great opportunity to hire a professional event photographer who can blend into the background and take natural images of your special experience.

Our event photography is provided for any kind of event. We have provided event photography for corporate events, conferences, small local events and commercial parties. 

Because we can appear at any event to document it, we can capture beautifully natural images which accurately represent your occasion from the best angles.

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How you could use the images.

Groups of nattering guests, a well-presented venue and smartly dressed visitors and staff, it’s a great time to gather pictures for you to use for your website, social media or marketing material.

By using our event photography services, you can use the pictures taken in any way you wish. The expertise of our experienced event photographer, Dustin, will gift you the ideal pictures for use in any way you seem necessary.

Dustin’s event photography experience.

Dustin has years of photography experience, in particular for event photography. He’s appeared at many events up and down the UK and taken many artistic and natural pictures that clients have idolised.

Dustin has photographed at many types of events across the UK. These include weddings, corporate occasions, networking events, exhibitions, private parties, evening events, corporate conferences & conventions, and local events across Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Dustin's Event Photography Approach

Dustin is the kind of event photographer who takes the time to listen to his clients so that they can explain their photography requirements. By approaching every project in this way, it allows him to offer a truly tailored experience. Dustin will be able to go above and beyond to achieve the event portfolio that his client wants. With a bespoke service means unique images!

Great professionalism and attitude.  

Finding a photographer who can blend into an event is part of the difficulty. Dustin though is more than happy to interact with guests in a professional manner. He is very good at assessing whether a guest at the event wishes to be photographed or not.

Along with capturing the images you require, Dustin will work to get a mixture of images; with candid photos, posed images, artistic spectacles and direct subject photos.

What to expect after the event.

After any shoot, Dustin typically turns the images around to the client for final delivery between 2-7 days (depending on the size of the project and the amount of images to develop). He's happy to send sample images to clients within 24 hours and then follow-up with the remaining images within 2 weeks from the shoot.

You can expect:

- All images are edited and exported in high resolution. Low resolution for internet use is also available upon request at no extra charge.

- All clients get a private gallery (password protected).

- All clients get a digital download of all images from the shoot.

- The option to create professional albums. There are many different sizes and materials of albums, all of which are beautiful and customised.

Want to know more about the event photography services of Skywall Photography?

If you would like to find out more about our event photography, then please view our collection of event photography by looking through our portfolio.

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