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Founded by the award-winning photographer Dustin Smith, Skywall Photography serves the areas of Huddersfield, Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster, Manchester and beyond. Skywall provides commercial photography, covers events, and provides interior and architectural images for business clients. With years of professional experience behind the camera lens, we offer a range of high-quality photography services to meet the needs of our clients. From business photography to event photography, we can attend any occasion or venue and take the stunning photos you crave!

Commercial Photography

A man and woman looking at plans in a kitchen.

We offer various commercial photography services, with experience in multiple niches, including corporate and architectural photography. We focus on meeting each business’s specific needs.

Event Photography

A stage with lights and a sign that says laws of talent.

We provide event photography services across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, capturing the highlights of PR events, award ceremonies, conferences, sports, music & social events.

Architectural Photography

A building with a lot of windows.

We specialise in architectural photography, capturing the essence and details of buildings and structures and providing eye-catching images that can enhance promotional materials and portfolios.

Interiors Photography

A dining room with a colorful floral wallpaper.

We offer interior photography services to promote commercial and residential spaces across the UK and Europe. Our expertise makes us the go-to for creating compelling visual content for property.

Dustin Smith – Skywall Photography Ltd

For Dustin, photography is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle. He’s travelled worldwide to over 40 countries and captured incredible sights on camera. Dustin’s photography style is unobtrusive and relaxed. He believes this is most effective for capturing any unique occasion’s most natural, beautiful moments. This approach is efficient for all photography services provided across Huddersfield and the rest of the UK. Whatever your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact Dustin. He’s available across the UK and more than happy to deliver an affordable photography service tailored to you!

Award Winning Yorkshire Photographer

2022/23 Yorkshire Property Photographer of the Year – Prestige Awards
2021/22 Yorkshire Property Photographer of the Year – Prestige Awards
2017 1st Place – The Societies of Photographers photo contest- Festivals & Events
2017 Finalist – North of England Wedding Awards
2015 2nd Place – Cumbria Wildlife Trust Photography Contest
2014 Cover Shot of Georgetown View Magazine
2014 Cover Shot of the national PME magazine
2013 Finalist – Travel Channel Photography Contest- Family Getaways
2013 Grand Prize – Travel Channel Photography Contest- Romance & Holiday
2011 Gold Prize – NIIED Video Contest

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Serving Yorkshire, Greater Manchester & Beyond

There are no limits to the work we can do together. Dustin has worked with a range of leading businesses and brands from across the globe and has met several fantastic people over the years. From corporate photography for leading firms to intimate shoots for a wedding, you can rely on Dustin’s ability. My professional photography services cover Manchester, Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield, Bolton, Doncaster, West Yorkshire (all of Yorkshire!) and further afield.