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Photography takes many different forms and it can be easy to categorise the different types. Wedding, sports, nature and landscapes are all very self-explanatory types of photography, but what about a corporate photographer – what do they do?

What our business photographers in Barnsley do!

We can explain and dissect the attributes and the benefits of our corporate photographers in Barnsley who can offer your brand and company clarity and quality instantly.

The often-repeated phrase that ‘pictures speak a thousand words’ bears true in our image-based world because we always search for reasons to click away from a site and dismiss a company. Corporate photography, such as ours in Barnsley, aims to flip the tables on that idea.

What does a corporate photographer do?

In short, a corporate photographer takes pictures for the use of businesses and corporations. These can vary from ‘Meet the Team’ page photographs that look neat and tidy through to complex photoshoots involving your office space or building.

These photographs are then used to provide you with images for your website, social media content and photographs that display your branding in the best light throughout your marketing campaigns.

How to take the best corporate photos of your business?

It can be easy to forget how important imagery and photography is for your company. Whether a customer catches sight of your website for a minute or sees an advertisement in the newspaper, you have this small space of time to capture their attention.

Corporate photography aims to improve the standard of your photographs and help to explain many things about your company in one image.

Depending on your sector, you can make the most of our corporate photographer in Barnsley by first discussing your options, your industry and your target market.

For those companies looking to attract clients and customers to their computing or IT services, for example, you will want to retain a feeling of trust and knowledge alongside professionalism.

Our corporate photographer can capture these aspects through a range of diverse techniques.

What difference does corporate photography make?

The chances are that your website is using or has used in the past stock photos to display the general feeling, show off the vague services you offer and to fill up blank space.

Corporate photography – which includes stock photographs – can be used to create personalised stock photos that include your premises, show off your branding and ensure a personal element is implemented into each area of your website and social media content.

Our corporate photographer in Barnsley can provide you with a full service from planning and discussion through to the photography and recommend further corporate photography elements to complement your website or social media channels.

We work with companies who are looking to completely refresh the photography on their website as well as with those who require our professional services to create one bespoke image for their marketing campaigns.

The benefits of corporate photography can make a huge difference to the way your company looks and change how it is perceived by potential investors, customers and clients.

Working across Barnsley for a wide range of companies, you can begin to make the most of your investment in the appearance of your whole output with our services.

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