Corporate Headshots in Leeds

Headshots may conjure thoughts of the awkward passport photo. But they do much more than that, especially for your business.

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When done correctly, corporate headshots can be a vital asset for your business; showing the human side of your brand.

Corporate photography does this by showing your staff in the best light. Meet the team, about us and social media profiles. These can all find a use with corporate headshots.

Our corporate headshots in Leeds can:

1. Improve first impressions

2. Instil personality throughout your company

3. Represent your brand positively

Your brand and corporate photography in Leeds

Your target market is pivotal to the effectiveness of corporate headshots.

Business owners, home owners, dog owners or anyone in between. Customers seek out the unique – why should they pick you or read your article?

Corporate headshots can bridge this gap. They are crucial to how each team member is introduced to visitors online.

Take control of how your customers see your staff and incorporate positivity from the first glance.

Restaurants, bars and retail stores may choose light-hearted headshots. More professional styles can be used by corporations to create a polite, serious mood. 

Maximise the appeal of your staff

It is proven. People love talking to people they can relate to. Personable pages, bios or avatars with neat and character-based headshots will ooze style.

Every industry can benefit from corporate headshots; your Leeds business could be next.

Front facing staff or team members that work over the phone can benefit from headshots. Customers can feel at ease knowing they are speaking to a human.

You can use the business headshots for:

Professional social media accounts
Email avatars
Skype avatars
Meet the team pages
Columns and editorial articles

What makes the perfect corporate headshot?

Variety is the spice of life. You can evoke many feelings with the right corporate headshot. You can induce personality, catch the eye and make the ideal first impression.

But, how can you achieve that?

After getting to know your brand, our expert corporate photographers can produce a set of unique headshots of your staff.

Creating apt and appropriate corporate headshots in Leeds could make a huge difference.

Straightforward. Fun. Interactive.

Corporate headshots are your chance to display the right sentiment for your business.

Discover the potential of corporate headshots in Leeds by getting in contact.