Expert Event Photographer in Barnsley

A team building day, birthday party, community gathering or corporate event, our event photographer in Barnsley will be more than capable of providing a professional portfolio of your occasion.


A local and trusted event photographer in Barnsley

If you're struggling to find a stand out photographer, then take a look at our portfolio of event photography and see if we're the right fit.

You could get a relative to handle the photography at your next event, but there’s a better option - through a more professional lens.

All you have to do is hire an event photographer!

Event photographers often specialise in a style and format of photography. From corporate events to weddings and parties. These photographers have experience in the field they are in, and therefore, can add a creative flair to each event.

But it's not just their skill that will shine through, it's the equipment they use and their impeccable timing that makes them stand out.

The role of the event photographer

An event photographer's job is to ensure that your biggest moments are captured in a way that makes you look back on them and remember the event as a special moment. We event photographers know how to take a proper photo, and we know what will look good and will edit accordingly.

Whether it be changing the focus or the lighting, you can be sure we have it under control.

Plus, photography can be very stressful, especially if you don't have the experience or right equipment. But if you enjoy it, then it will all come a lot more naturally.

There's also the obvious part, a family member or friend will just want to get involved in the event. We won't, we will be working in the background trying to show off the occasion through our imagery.

Here's a selection of our party photography

Local and Party Photography

Local and Party Photography

How you could use your event photos?

This is entirely up to you!

An example being if it's a corporate event we're photographing - it would be great for marketing. Busy events and hard working staff are always a great piece of advertisement. A birthday celebration, a lovely memento for you, your family and obviously the birthday boy or girl!

What you can expect

When you have an event photographer, you’ll get the perfect mix of candid and posed shots. We always work to a brief if there is one and we're more than happy to advise if you need some guidance.

But if you have a clear vision, we can work to that too!

Would you like to find out more?

For a free quote or to ask some questions, get in touch with our event photographer, Dustin today:

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