Festival Photographer in Yorkshire

Based in Yorkshire, serving all of the UK's greatest festivals!


There's no jubilation quite like there is for those performing and attending a festival, is there?

It makes a festival photographer's job very, very easy and enjoyable.

One day, one set or a whole weekend, the festival experience is utterly unique. Euphoria and joy are at the forefront of the festival vibe.

Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Boardmasters, Boomtown, Creamfields and many more in between. Festivals and the UK go hand in hand. They deserve to be charted for all to see.

Festival and concert photography, what is it?

It's a portfolio of the key snapshots of a festival, essentially. From the first steps on fresh grass to the closing fireworks on Sunday night, every aspect can be covered through festival photography.

Festivalgoers are bound to be swarming to the bright lights and big sounds, so it’s only right it is recorded through gorgeous, edited stills.

The distinctive feel of each festival can be encapsulated through festival photography.

Why choose a festival photographer in Yorkshire?

Your choice of festival photographer needn’t be hard.

Travelling the length and breadth of the UK’s great festivals, it’s a pleasure to capture the summer’s highest highs.

The sights, lights and awe-inspiring nights deserve to be frozen in time. That’s exactly what the right festival photographer in Yorkshire can do.

Performer or organiser, your story will be told

Whatever perspective you wish to cast your festival tale from, it can be achieved.

Band members in their element, on stage or their journey from backstage to main stage. Festivalgoers entranced in the music or conversing in the summer sun.

Every festival deserves to have a photographer that understands this special arena: the best angles for the stage, the hidden treasures and where to shoot the perfect sunset haze.

Document your weekend with festival photography in Yorkshire.