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Why Product Photography Is Important For Every Brand Owner

What is Product photography?

Product photography is a type of commercial photography where images of products are taken for commercial purposes. 

These images may be used in a catalogue, brochures, and manly for online selling through e-Commerce stores and brand websites. So there are a variety of uses for the product images and the high quality of the images is the essence of product photography

A recent survey showed that more than 70% of consumers shop online, the products’ high-quality images make their shopping more enjoyable. 

Why Product photography?

“The biggest pain spot of most online shoppers is that they can’t touch and see the products; they are buying, in person.”

This is precisely why adding a high-quality image of your product to your website is important! No matter how good your product is, if the pictures are of low quality, they can’t depict the quality of your product and eventually, the shopper will not buy it. 

There are millions of products out there in the e-commerce world. To stand out in this gigantic market demands the use of some essential digital marketing tools, and product photography may be considered the core of these marketing tools.  

Proof of Quality and Value of Your Product

High-quality product images are proof of the quality and value of your product. These images don’t deserve a title and shoppers will go for your product the moment you have convinced them of the product quality through high quality.

Also, it is estimated that 60% of consumers purchase 360º vision product images. So try to provide a 360º vision image of your product to maximize your sales.

Images Shape First Impression

When the shoppers browse an e-Commerce website they are looking for a quick source of information; Images. Images shape the first impression and will decide whether the shopper will continue browsing and eventually go for the purchase. So do not compromise on the quality of product images.

Did You Know That Images on Your Site can contribute to your SEO?

Optimizing images on your website will contribute to your search engine optimization (SEO). Consistent product images are a good source for the content of your site. 

Make sure the image title is precise and not too long to help google and your consumers understand your product better. 

For example; 

“A firecracker product image with its name in the image title will help the consumers and Google, while the title “image.01” does not help the consumer or google understand the product.”   

Image size should also not be too big as it could lead to an increase in page loading time. This can decrease your google ranking so decrease the file size but not at the expense of image quality. Web pages with JPEG format images load better, so try to upload your product images in JPEG format. This will enhance the consumer experience at your site and eventually improve your site’s rankings.

Once the SEO is improved and you are ranking in the top pages of google search, your revenues will also boost. Search intent of most of the consumers is most of the time for purchasing. 

Consistency is The Key 

 When consumers visit a website they are looking for content and information. The consumers need to be assured that they have come across the same product, time after time, from their trusted company. So the content and information you share on your site must be consistent, especially product images.

Once you have made a change in the content or the image quality is not consistent, you will lose the trust of your customer. So never compromise on the quality of your product photographs and always keep them consistent.

Better Customer service

Ecommerce customer service is how online businesses provide assistance to their online consumers, and in this digital world, it is a prerequisite for every brands’ success. Statistics show that for 95% of consumers, customer service is key for brand loyalty.

It is established that online consumers are more appealed by the high-quality product images. So it is in every brand’s interest to take care of these key consumers’ needs if they want to improve their customer service. As they are helping the consumer in making their decisions to buy exactly what they need. 


In conclusion, the power of good product photography should never be underestimated by any business owner, because it can boost your brand and enhance revenues.

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