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Commercial Photography

Skywall Photography is a Yorkshire-based photography business serving clients across the UK. My name is Dustin Smith and I’m the lead photographer with many years of experience working as an award-winning commercial photographer.

I’ve written this summary for potential clients who are looking for commercial photographs for their business. This outlines what commercial photography involves, why a business would hire a photographer for commercial work and the services I can offer.

If you have any questions about my work or professional photography in general then please get in touch using the contact page.

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What Is A Commercial Photographer?

A commercial photographer works specifically with business clients to create marketing images and other commerce-related assignments. The genre includes a wide range of different types of photography and is distinct from other popular niches such as wedding photography or pet photography.

Fashion photography is the most well-known type of commercial photography but this also includes PR, event, property, headshots, products and many many other categories. Commercial photographers can work with international brands and large businesses as well as SMEs and solo professionals such as interior designers, architects, lawyers and sportspeople.

What Is The Role Of A Commercial Photographer?

The role of a commercial photographer is to capture images that support the marketing strategy for an advertising campaign or commercial photoshoot. The photographer needs to deliver on a creative brief that brings to life the original aims of the customer. Whether this is for product photos or a corporate portrait, it is critical that the photographer fully understands the commercial objectives of the client.

What Types Of Commercial Photography Are There?

There are many different types of commercial photography depending on the niche and purpose of the brief.

  • Corporate Photography – annual reports, website images, social media, brochures
  • Event Photography – corporate, PR, award ceremonies, product launches, conferences
  • Architectural Photography – proposals, designer’s portfolios, historical documentation
  • Interior Photography – showhomes, luxury properties, museums, offices, leisure facilities
  • Real Estate Photography – buy to let property, Airbnb, housing associations, developers, builders
  • Product Photography – clothing, FMCG, eyewear, automotive, tech, electronics,
  • Headshot Photography – entrepreneurs, celebrities, sportspeople, actors, influencers, politicians
  • Portrait Photography – press releases, executive biographies, social media profiles, articles
  • Food Photography – pubs & restaurants, food manufacturers, magazine photoshoots, celebrity chefs
  • Fashion Photography – catwalk shows, brochure photoshoots, magazine and print advertising

What Is A Commercial Photography Portfolio?

A commercial photography portfolio shows a professional photographers body of work. It’s a a good way to see if a photographer is a good fit with what you want to achieve as a business. Many photographers focus on a small number of categories to develop their skills fully and build a reputation as the best commercial photographer in the field.

You can view my entire online portfolio on this website. This covers my commercial, architectural, interior and event photography as well as work as a lifestyle photographer.

Why You Should Hire A Commercial Photographer

Commercial photography helps businesses to promote their products, services or properties. Whatever your niche, different types of photography help small and large companies to build their business on social media like Instagram, on a printed brochure, on billboards or general advertising campaigns.

Businesses tend to contact a professional commercial photographer when they wanted images for social media, a business website, graphic design, annual reports or other advertising needs. For example, if an advertising agency was planning a print campaign on aviation for British Airways, they’d brief the photographer on the creative which supports their marketing strategy.

The key reason for hiring a commercial photographer is to increase your enquiries, sales or bookings. The objective is wholly business focused at the end of the day and a little different from a wedding or family photoshoot for example.

What makes good commercial photography?

Commercial imagery is designed to deliver on the marketing objectives of a client. Commercial photography is typically eye-catching with strong contrasting colours and lighting. However, this very much depends on the look and feel required by the client.

What is a commercial photography example?

There are many examples of my commercial photography work in my online portfolio – this covers event, product, architectural and interior photography examples. Commercial use imagery is focused on promoting a product or service for a business purpose as opposed to lifestyle photography for instance.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional photographer?

Commercial photographers can provide a variety of package options and pricing for their work. Commercial photographers can alter images to produce a range of prints from canvas art, photo decals etc. They are experts in modifying digital imagery for editing purposes where required but also occasionally to change appearance (colour, contrast etc.) as many aspects like lighting characteristics can’t be reproduced with anything other than the original photograph supplied by us.

How much does a commercial photographer cost?

The fees for commercial photographers vary based on their location and experience. Typically professional photographers charge businesses based on a half or full-day rate as well as fees for advanced retouching (often called ‘photoshopping’) and image usage. The final rate quoted will depend on your requirements.

Commercial Photography Services

I am happy to work on location or in a studio depending on your requirements – it depends on the type of photography you are looking for. As you would expect from a commercial photographer, I am skilled in using both natural light, LED and studio flash lighting using the latest equipment and lenses as you would expect.

I like to consult with clients in detail to understand their needs. A great way to do this is to have a video call beforehand to get to know you and your business fully.

The imagery is provided at high-resolution and includes a full usage license for your business. I am fully insured with public liability insurance as a professional photographer.

Experienced Professional Photographer

As a general rule, I don’t spend much time in front of the camera! The kind of work I specialise in is event photography and working with architects and property owners providing images for commercial use in architectural and interior photography.

I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over 10 years and have won many awards:

  • 2017 1st Place: The Societies of Photographers Content
  • 2017 Finalist: North of England Wedding Awards
  • 2015 2nd Place: Cumbria Wildlife Trust Photography Contest
  • 2014 Cover Shot of Georgetown View Magazine
  • 2014 Cover Shot of the National PME Magazine
  • 2013 Finalist: Travel Channel Photography Contest
  • 2013 Grand Prize: Travel Channel Photography Contest
  • 2011 Gold Prize: NIIED Video Contest

Event Photographer

Event Photographers cover the key moments from your social or corporate events. This be anything from a corporate event or product launch to an award ceremony or sales conference. Event Photography can capture both the candid moment of your speakers and guests or more official posed photos which would be suitable for a company brochure or press announcement.

It is common for photographs from an event to be shared afterwards with guests. If this is a requirement for your event, then we can supply them in an online gallery or print.

Architectural Photographer

Architectural photographers create images to showcase modern buildings, cityscapes, historic landmarks and structures. This type of imagery is the best way to display impressive architecture to clients and visitors. I am very experienced in this type of commercial photography and can provide both interior and outdoor photography including retouching to create stunning architectural images.

If you want to promote your property, location or landmark then a professional architectural photographer is a good idea and the best way to get a return on your investment.

Interior Photographer

Interior photography works alongside architectural photography to help designers, developers, and architects to demonstrate their stunning projects. If you’re selling a luxury home or would like to showcase a hotel, restaurant or other location, then an interior photographer is the ideal.

My job sees me working across the UK capturing images of modern interiors, historic buildings and other properties. Contact me to discuss your requirements to see if interior photography can help to enhance your home or a brand.

Locations I cover

I’m based in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and, as a Commercial Photographer, I work with clients across England and the UK as a whole including London, Manchester, Leeds, York, Birmingham & Newcastle and counties such as Kent, Sussex, Surrey and regions such as the South West, North East of England etc.

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It would be great to discuss your requirements from a professional commercial photography company. I’m an experienced Yorkshire based commercial photographer and have worked with hundreds of different commercial clients.

Use the contact form on this website or email me at [email protected].

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